The Background Update (v0.0.6)

v0.0.6 is out now, adding fully parallax backgrounds to the first level! Improvements include:

+ Background for first level is now completely finished, with independently scrolling trees, water, mountains, and clouds

+ The title screen has been updated with the new elements as well, and also boasts a more vibrant orange for the menu elements

The remake now more or less represents what I'd like this project to look like as a whole, with colorized visuals, added shading, and parallax backgrounds. I still have a way to go on my pixel art skills, especially when it comes to making new assets, however this serves as a good proof of concept as the project progresses. Next up I'll be working on fixing fullscreen and adding gameplay functionality such as block breaking, powerups, and pipes. Until then, hope you guys enjoy the new version!


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Jul 08, 2020

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