v0.0.5 Update

v.0.0.5 update is out now, overhauling the project to something that actually resembles a game. This update brings numerous improvements, including:

+ Level now has full tiling rather than just being constructed of blocks

+ Test level is now an exact remake of the first section of the opening stage

+ Mario's physics have been overhauled to much more closely resemble the original game:

  • Jumps now have variable height depending on how long the button is pushed
  • The ability to start a run in midair has been removed
  • Mario will jump higher if he runs
  • Gravity and jump strength have been tweaked to be less floaty

+ New Title Screen

I couldn't be happier with how this project is progressing, and will be pushing some more updates very soon. My goal is to get a completely functioning demo of the first level out by the end of the summer, however at this rate we may be there faster. See ya'll for the next update



SML2Remake0.0.5.zip 1 MB
Jun 26, 2020

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