v0.0.5 Update

Our biggest update yet, this patch finally adds a real UI as well as ton of minor tweaks to the movement system! In addition, Fern finally animates when dashing, which adds some much needed feedback to his locomotion.

General Changes:

-Title screen added

-Pause menu added

-Dash animation added

-Extra HUD elements for HP and current palette added

Movement changes:

-Dash has a cooldown on rebounding, so dashing into walls cannot be continually spammed

-You cannot perform a downward dash unless you are midair

-Downward dash is easier to input

-Inputting left and right simultaneously on keyboard results in Fern skidding to a halt, and are treated as if no directional input is given

-Fern will always dash the way he is facing now

-Fern can not visually turn around during a dash

-Q and U cycle palettes left, E and I cycle right

-Removed backwards dash

-Removed long jump


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Jan 21, 2021

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